Published Articles

The following are articles written by Larry Dunville and published in various industry trade journals.

Overhead Crane Pitfalls

Avoiding the pitfalls of crane installations.

You have a shiny new building with a shiny new crane and everything looks great. For some reason, though, the crane won't clear the building columns, even though the contractor and the crane manufacturer are saying everything is to spec and it's not their problem. Common sense says somebody is wrong and that somebody should have to pay (because it's going to cost a bundle).


Are you protected… think again?

Think you've done everything a prudent person should do to make sure your workers are safe? Think you've done everything necessary to protect yourself and your company against a wrongful death suit?

Well, I've got news for you, it's not good and here's why.

OSHA EOT Overhead Crane Specs

Overhead Crane Safety

Six Dangerous Misconceptions about crane safety.

Nearly every product today has a warning label. In fact, many products have multiple warning labels, lights, and bells. We even have warnings telling us our coffee is hot! It’s little wonder, then, that many of us suffer from warning overload and just ignore the warnings