EOT Crane Reference Docs

The following are a collection of reference articles that I have collected over the years.

OSHA Overhead Crane Safety

An Annotated guide to OSHA 1910.179 Overhead Cranes and Gantrys.

The following is a reprint of the Federal Spec OSHA 1910.179 to which I’ve annotated with my own comments and review.

Blue- State OSHA White- Federal OSHA plans

Blue- State OSHA White- Federal OSHA plans

A Guide to the state OSHA plans (and there’s a lot of them)!

It's not like the Byzantine nature of the OSHA spec with "Incorporation by Reference" is not confusing enough, the writers of OSHA allowed the states to administer their own programs and write their own plans. The only requirement was that the state plans had to be equal or greater (more stringent) than the federal program. As a result, we have almost half of the states with their own programs. These programs are anywhere from a simple adoption of the federal plan to a totally rewritten plan. Attached is a list of the states, the extent of difference from the federal program and contact information.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 3.38.57 PM.png

You think you just had OSHA to worry about???

The following is a mindmap of the all the laws, specs and consensus standards that make up the US Electric Overhead Traveling Bridge Crane Safety requirements.


OSHA 1910.79: Overhead Crane Document Family Tree.

OSHA 1910.179 is less than 7000 words, but that's just the tip of the Overhead Crane regulatory iceberg. This document is an examination into the broad family of documents that makes up the US electric overhead traveling crane regulatory world.

OSHA Crane specifications

OSHA 1910.6 Incorporation By Reference.

OSHA is much more than just the couple thousand pages of the 1910, 1915 and 1926 codes. In section 1910.6 OSHA "Incorporates by Reference" over two hundred other documents. The following is a listing of the complete OSHA 1910.6 with all 197 references and my annotations.