Overhead Crane Safety Pays...Now More Than Ever!

In these days of "just in time" production, sky rocketing health insurance and a unending series of  TV commercials for lawyers, work place safety is critical to the survival of your business.

I once had one of our crane techs get electrocuted at a client's facility because of the clients inept safety program. I can tell you from personal experience, more than anything else in your professional life, you don't want to face one of your employee's wives and tell them that her husband is dead. It happened more than two decades ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday.  

Unfortunately, after 35+ years of visiting clients plants, most safety programs I've seen were a "CYA" program to placate the OSHA inspector and the insurance man. Simple, effective and cost effective safety programs are possible. Safety programs that can product lower Workman's Comp claims, and most of all produce a safety program that can make your workers safer.

Crane Safety Programs EncompassThree Facets;

  1. Crane Operator Training
    We can develop an easy to administer, crane operator training program. The program will include both study section with PowerPoint training and follow-up quizzes. In addition to the class room training it will include "hand on" operator exercises and testing.
  2. Crane Inspection
    OSHA is about as clear as mud on inspection requirements. The best way to steer clear of trouble is to establish an in-house written policy with a paper trail and to clearly adhere to that written policy. Our Crane Inspection Program included full documentation and paper trail system with a simple instructions on how to implement the system.
  3. Corporate Crane Safety Programs & Policy Manuals
    The design and development of semi-custom and fully custom, Overhead Crane Safety Policy Manuals. These programs detail training requirements, inspection requirements and a comprehensive paper trail for both.